How Suffolk uses culture and a Safety Observations App to reduce its Incident Rate by 28%

Safety culture is important in construction no matter the size of the company. Suffolk Construction provides a great example of the power of a strong safety culture and how a well designed program can further strengthen it. Within just 12 months, the construction giant not only reduced recordable incidents by 28%, but it also cut lost time by 35%.

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RiskX dashboard shows results of data analysis.

They didn’t accomplish these reductions through their safety culture alone, though. Suffolk built on that culture with a bold national safety program of their design, which they called RiskX.

How bold? When any of its more than 2,400 employees entered a job site, they were required to submit safety observations, either positive or negative, via a tablet or smartphone. From there, Newmetrix’s AI platform, Vinnie, along with its Safety Observations module provided Suffolk with technology for both reporting and analysis within RiskX.

Download the case study to read more about how Suffolk’s RiskX program and Newmetrix substantially reduced recordable incidents and lost time, keeping employees safe and projects running smoothly.

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