Suffolk’s vision is to “transform the construction industry by building smart.” Suffolk has standardized on Procore for construction management across the company. Using Procore’s direct integration to Newmetrix, they are able to easily organize visual data and use artificial intelligence to find insights related to the quality and safety of their projects. Martin Leik, Regional Safety Director for Suffolk, discusses the implementation and provides specific examples, including a demonstration of the AI-created reports generated by the product.


  • Martin Leik, Regional Safety Director, Suffolk
  • Josh Kanner, Founder & CEO, Newmetrix
  • Danny Seigle, Senior Director, Business Development

Watch this webinar recording to learn how Suffolk:

  • Analyzes data using AI from 50+ projects for indicators of risk
  • Creates job site level reporting where the analytics can be used for specific observations of positive behaviors and areas for improvement in conjunction with existing systems like Procore.

Watch at your convenience to learn how to implement practical, valuable and easy-to-use applications of AI to help reduce risk on projects and gain insights on your Procore data.

Watch the webinar!

Over the past couple years, it has become super easy to capture photos and videos on jobsites; now with Newmetrix and Procore working together, we’re able to easily organize all this visual data and - better yet - use AI to find insights related to quality and safety on our jobsites.— Ajoy Bhattacharya, Senior Director of Innovation