The volume of pictures and videos captured on jobsites worldwide has exploded, thanks to the spread of mobile devices, apps, drones, wearables, and fixed point cameras. Organizing & managing your photos and videos is harder than it's ever been.

Kris Lengieza of Stiles Corporation and Charles Julius of Procore explain how to use the Newmetrix/Procore integration to tame huge amounts of photos and videos and unlock valuable insights for safety, quality, and even marketing.

Watch this webinar recording to learn:

  • How Stiles implemented Newmetrix without adding to “app fatigue” in the field
  • How machine learning automatically finds safety risks on Stiles’ jobsites
  • How video can be used to track and share jobsite progress with internal teams and owners
  • How Stiles is delivering winning bids by streamlining its management of jobsite photos

Watch the webinar!

Photos and videos have traditionally been difficult to find, share and approve leading to many hours of wasted time. By integrating Newmetrix with Procore, we’ve centralized and standardized how we manage our digital media assets at both the project and company level. The benefits are saving time in search and approvals, lowering risk by improving access to critical imagery, and better external communication.— Kris Lengieza, Director of Virtual Design & Construction
Stiles Construction