Skanska’s safety and innovation teams are always looking to improve every stage of the risk monitoring and prevention process. In 2017, Skanska started using Newmetrix alongside Autodesk BIM 360 to better leverage photos and videos in its safety program.


  • Oliver Smith, Regional Director of VDC, Skanska USA
  • David Desimini Sr. Manager, Commercial Strategy-Construction, Autodesk
  • Renee Yao, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
  • Josh Kanner, CEO, Newmetrix

Watch this webinar recording to learn how Skanska:

  • Integrates Newmetrix and BIM 360, as well as other data sources, to aggregate and analyze all of its photos and videos on projects
  • Uses Newmetrix's speech and image recognition technology to detect safety hazards that an experienced safety manager would typically find
  • Captures, organizes, and uses video examples of best practices and possible hazards
  • Enables analysis of patterns and trends in safety observations across projects

Watch the webinar!

By having an "extra pair of eyes that doesn't sleep" looking at our photo data, we could better identify both positive examples and areas for improvement that we might otherwise miss and grow our safety library.— Jason Timmerman, Skanska Environmental, Health & Safety Director
 Skanska USA