Putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Action to Reduce Safety Risk: AI Starter Kit

The construction industry is leveraging the power of AI to reduce risk on jobsites and projects. Like a “virtual safety inspector” our monitoring solution plugs into existing sources of photo, video and project data and automatically detects safety hazards on your jobsites. Automated safety risk assessment reports enable cross-project benchmarking for leading risk indicators. Getting started is easy with pre-built integrations to Autodesk, Procore, Egnyte, Box, OxBlue and other project data sources.

To make it easier for you to learn and get started, we've assembled a shortlist of top articles, case studies and webinars geared specifically toward using AI in construction.



  • How AI works for the construction industry
  • Real-life risks and AI-powered safety: Aon webinar recap
  • How much photo documentation is necessary on jobsites?
  • Toolbox talks with Newmetrix
  • Does AI create additional liability on the jobsite?

Case Studies

  • Skanska reduces risk and improves safety with Newmetrix, Autodesk’s BIM 360 and machine learning
  • How Suffolk & Newmetrix learned to predict and prevent construction incidents


  • Reduce jobsite risk with the power of AI (Aon Tech Corner Series)
  • Clayco leverages the power of AI to reduce risk on projects
  • Suffolk reduces project risk with AI using Newmetrix & Procore