Construction projects collect tons of visual data via photos and videos.

Using Newmetrix’s construction safety monitoring solution, you can drive actionable insights from your images with Vinnie — our artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Vinnie is an automated, extra pair of eyes that monitors all of your visual data continuously looking for more than 100 safety hazards, helping you to reduce construction risk.

Setup takes less than 90 seconds. We pull photos directly from Procore, Autodesk BIM 360 Field, StructionSite and other systems so you can immediately run a construction safety analysis and share it across the team. And don't let existing images go to waste. There's value in the data that you already have!

Want to see AI in construction in action? Watch our 2-minute video.

Newmetrix Safety Monitoring customers

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Newmetrix is like having an 'extra pair of eyes that doesn’t sleep' looking at our photo data. Now, we can better identify both positive examples and areas for improvement that we might otherwise miss.

— Jason Timmerman, Skanska Commercial Development, Health & Safety Director
 Skanska USA