See how Shawmut uses AI to manage project risk at scale with Safety Monitoring


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Safety Monitoring

AI for Actionable Insights

Our Safety Monitoring product helps safety managers and executives identify up-to-date risk conditions and where to focus each week. Vinnie, the construction-trained AI, works like a “virtual safety manager”, automatically detecting safety hazards on jobsites. Vinnie has been trained on more than 17 million construction images to automatically detect more than 100 safety hazards and create dashboards and safety risk.

Analyze all jobsite imagery

  • Get risk-reducing insights from all your visual data
  • Plug into your existing sources of visual data with pre-built integrations
  • Get more ‘free safety’ as Vinnie, our construction-trained AI, makes observations from your project photos and videowalks
  • Use auto-generated risk-based observations to prioritize and close field observations
  • Generate inputs for weekly reports that identify your highest risk projects and track KPIs
  • Leverage our Safety Observation product to employ our AI-ready risk-ranking features


Identify bad ergonomics, a leading cause of lost time

Identify bad ergonomics, a leading cause of lost time

Vinnie detects safety risks

  • Trained on more than 17 Million construction-specific images
  • Automatically detect more than 100 safety hazards, even on ‘visually noisy’ images.
  • Vinnie ‘sees’ conditions like slip, trip, and fall hazards; workers at height; improper ergonomics, and more.

In-app and on-demand reporting

Safety Monitoring, monthly highlights

Dashboard showing monthly highlights across projects.

Safety Monitoring, monthly highlights
Fall Protection
Safety Monitoring, Slip and Trip
Safety monitoring, COVID trends
On-demand photo-centric reports for field safety

In-app and on-demand reporting

  • Vinnie summarizes all observations into metrics and reports
  • Metrics are summarized to facilitate comparisons across projects
  • Project, region and company level reporting