How Suffolk & learned to predict and prevent construction incidents


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Key Features

Safety Observations
  • Make field safety observations as easy as taking a picture - no long checklists that take time and reduce the team’s likelihood of gathering the data.
  • Streamline safety observation capture for field teams through a fast and easy to use mobile application. Support for positive and negative observations provides a balanced view of project performance.
Safety Monitoring
  • Use Newmetrix’s construction-tuned AI, Vinnie, to automatically review project data like photos like a safety manager who never sleeps.
  • Identify project and cross-project safety trends. Automatically calculate risk metrics, including presence of slip, trip and fall hazards, PPE compliance metrics and performance benchmarks for every jobsite, every week.
Predictive Analytics
  • Identify which projects to focus on in a coming week. Vinnie flags projects at highest risk for an incident based on AI models built on hundreds of years of construction project data.
  • AI models finely-tuned for your company alert safety managers of risks a week ahead of time, reducing incident rates through proactive management.

“There is demonstrable opportunity to control hazards and improve safety performance by deploying resources to those sites where elevated risk is predicted.”

- Alex Hall , EVP, Environmental Health & Safety, Suffolk