Using AI to manage project risk at scale


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Reporting and Analytics overview

Vinnie presents report results to risk and project teams in two forms: executive dashboard and project-level reports.

  • The executive dashboard provides an objective view of risk based on leading indicators across projects in a single view, showing weekly trend data for each.
  • Project-level reports provide more specific results for key risk categories at each project, including photo examples. Vinnie automatically analyzes images and project data already gathered in construction management systems.
How Vinnie contributes
  • Vinnie reviews all photos and videos for examples of project risk. Vinnie’s observations are about more than just finding specific images. Vinnie counts indicators of risk within images that are then used to create analysis of project risk.
  • In addition to Vinnie’s AI-based observations, the platform also enables reporting on key operational metrics like number of observations created, amount of media (photos, videos) uploaded by user and other critical metrics.
The Reports
  • Newmetrix supplies built-in reports including Safety Monitoring, a standard Photos report for reporting on photo and video activity, and Safety Observations.
  • Reports can be run as needed or scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly or on a rolling basis so that signals of risk can be incorporated into your management reporting processes.
  • Use our data exports to interface with your existing reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI. Build on Vinnie’s observations and tie them into your own risk scoring and ranking.
  • Leverage Newmetrix’s pre-built integrations to analyze data from projects.

“I firmly believe we can prevent incidents by looking at photos alone - if you’re seeing a high rate of Vinnie observations for PPE or other issues that is like an independent auditor reviewing your jobs. Predicting incidents is the next phase, and we’re excited about the potential there, but even today the trend data we’re getting from Vinnie is helping us figure out where we need to focus our attention."

- Shaun Carvalho, Vice President of Safety, Shawmut