The digital age of construction is here, but how do we make sure the data we’re collecting is structured, centralized, and then put to use? Find out how AXA XL, Newmetrix, and Procore are working with contractors to look at the data they currently gather to better understand their risk profile and prevent losses. Predictability of construction execution through analytics is leading to profitability and saving lives.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • A joint program between AXA XL, Procore, and Newmetrix to bring predictive analytics and benchmarking to their customers
  • Best practices for data collection and technology adoption
  • Uncovering insights from your data to prevent risk to both safety and budget
  • Partnering to Reduce Claims is a Win, Win, Win

  • Rose Hall, PE, CRIS; Vice President, Head of Construction Innovation
  • Cate Knuff, Senior Product Manager, Procore
  • Tim Gattie, VP, Industry Strategy, Newmetrix

Watch the webinar