Extend the power of Procore with AI 

    What it does:

    • Safety Monitoring module: Connects to Procore projects and analyzes photos for indicators of safety risk, creating an automated report that ranks your projects by risk level. 
    • Safety Observations module: Complements Procore's observation functionality with risk-scored observations, risk-specific escalation workflows, automated safety reporting and more. 
    • Predictive Analytics module: Leverages photos, observations, and other project data to create risk-scored project lists to prioritize where teams should focus their attention based on predictions of where an incident will occur.
    • Procore integration & APIs: Allows you to connect your Procore data to Newmetrix to leverage trade partners, projects, project users and more so you do not have to recreate data.

    Using AI to predict and prevent construction incidents


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    Safety teams are spread too thin to be proactive on all sites.
    Automatically tag photos showing people, hardhats, ladders and gloves and flag as potential risks.
    Disorganized and scattered documentation across systems and devices.
    Photo and video content is stored in one location automatically. Search for defined keywords across all projects and share with colleagues.
    Use of several different systems and applications across projects leads to an administrative headache.
    One system, powered by built-in machine learning analytics, that integrates directly to Procore.
    Procore is used as a source of truth for projects, users, trade partners and more.
    APIs for Procore data enable you to use Procore as the source of truth for key company and project information, removing the need to recreate information.