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Predictive Analytics

Predict Today. Protect Tomorrow.

Predictive Analytics enables teams to continuously reduce risk by proactively identifying high-risk projects through an incident early warning system. Trained on more than 12 centuries of project and incident data, this construction-specific AI model analyzes data from your existing data sources as well as from our own Safety Observations and Safety Monitoring products to predict safety incidents. Our actionable insights will tell you which 20% of your projects will have 80% of your incidents the following week, and what actions to take to prevent them.

What is Predictive-Based Safety?

What is predictive-based safety?

Collecting data from previously siloed sources.

What is predictive-based safety?
Know which 20% of your projects
Predictive dashboard

What is Predictive-Based Safety?

At its core, Predictive-Based Safety (or PBS) is about using data to change behaviors. PBS uses artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics technologies to analyze a wide array of data to predict accidents before they happen and then provide recommendations for how to prevent them.

  • Data Collection: The predictive models leverage data you may already be collecting, including safety observations, safety incidents, and other project data.
  • Data Transparency: Empowers each stakeholder with data-driven intelligence to make informed, proactive decisions.
  • Prediction Deployment: Benchmark your company against 12 centuries of data. Receive weekly predictions of which jobs are at highest risk and prescriptions on how to reduce that risk.