AI Special: All You Need To Know About Its Impact – Now And In The Future

BIM+, 2/04/2018


The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is already leading some forecasters to predict a startling vision of construction in a generation’s time – where roles traditionally carried out by human beings are instead performed by robots. In the first of our special features Denise Chevin examines which areas of the industry will be most affected.

The rise of AI is the great story of our time. Those who have delved online to ask “Will a robot take my job?” might take comfort that design and construction professions such as architects, quantity surveyors or construction managers are low down on the list of professions likely to be replaced by machines, compiled by scientists from the Martin School at Oxford University in 2015.

But that belies the profound impact experts say artificial intelligence and machine learning will have on the roles that both trades and professionals do in the built environment.

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