Using AI to improve construction site safety

Verdict, 04/26/2021

Using AI to improve construction

The uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in construction has been slow, but AI has the potential to deliver tangible benefits at every step of the construction value chain, from conceptual design through to operations and maintenance. Lots of small wins at each step of the broken value chain can add up to big wins in construction, a sector known for having problems delivering on time and on budget.AI can be used in construction to solve many challenges, including delivering on time and on budget, sourcing, and effective collaboration. Initial investment in the technology can reduce long-term costs.

AI is everywhere, and it has an impact on all our lives. But years of bold claims have overhyped AI, with reality often falling short of the world-altering promises. The coming years will be less about making bold statements and more about delivering tangible benefits.

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