Digital Punch List: How Tech Innovations are Streamlining Project Closeout

Construction Dive, 12/7/2016
Construction Dive

Julian Clayton lost over half of his business during a single day in 2008.

Then vice president of IT for Crescent Construction, a North Carolina-based regional building commissioning contractor, Clayton was one of legions of AEC professionals who witnessed subprime mortgage defaults pulverize the construction and real estate industries during the Great Recession. Like many who lived to tell about it, Clayton decided that survival wasn’t about getting more business, but getting smarter and more efficient with the business that remained.

Clayton’s answer was to create PunchList, a purpose-built app for iPad to streamline field technician reporting and accelerate the close-out of projects by replacing paper and Excel punch list management with a digital, mobile solution. Recognized as one of the first, professional-grade apps for the construction industry (and even profiled by Apple as an iPad business solution) PunchList has participated in the expansion of an entire category of closeout management applications for IoS and Android that use the camera and connectivity of mobile devices to speed the completion and approval of projects.

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