Technology jumpstarts lean construction practices

BuiltWorlds, 3/29/2019


The most important elements of any construction project are time, cost and quality. Often, one of those three will get deprioritized or outright dismissed by way of stakeholder priorities. If a project needs to be done quickly and with high quality, it won’t be cheap; if it needs to be done on a limited budget and finish fast, its quality will suffer. Lean construction is an approach that aims to optimize these necessary trade-offs while reducing the time, effort, materials and money that are necessary for projects. In simpler terms, lean construction aims to maximize customer value while minimizing resource waste.

A lean management style looks at all parts of a project from design through delivery and utilizes the skills of carefully selected employees to help reach clearly stated delivery goals and minimize waste. A lean construction job finishes quickly and with reduced labor costs while still maintaining high product quality and efficient, safe work practices.

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