5 Ways New Technology in the Construction Industry Can Optimize Your Workforce

Software Advice, 9/7/2018

Software Advice

Introducing new technology into a construction business is intimidating. It can so fundamentally alter day-to-day processes that the upheaval is just too much for some small and midsize businesses (SMBs)—so they don’t do it.

But in the face of the skilled labor shortage, it must be done.

A large number of construction businesses are trying to deal with the skilled labor shortage by making their existing workers better through technology:

In our survey of construction managers, we found that 32 percent of respondents were adopting new technology to increase the efficiency of their workers.

And a lot of them are playing catch up. More than half of construction managers spend 2 percent or less of their budget on information technology, and only 42 percent of construction managers even have a dedicated IT staff.

If you don’t know what technology to implement or how to do it, you’re probably behind as well.

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