Smart Construction Technology: How Machine Learning Predicts and Prevents Construction Safety Incidents

Connect & Construct, 11/9/2018

Connect and Construct

Technology is changing everything about the way we build. From 3D modeling software to UAVs to VR technology, the benefit of new construction technology on the worksite is increasingly undeniable. Time saved, a reduction in waste, and an increase in quality--the rising tide of innovative technology really is lifting all boats. With construction safety being a major concern across all facets of the industry, it only makes sense that new technology can create opportunities for improvement.

Predictive analytics are the leading edge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and their capabilities are just now being explored in the construction industry. Newmetrix is leading the charge with the application of this technology in AEC systems and construction workflows, enabling users to mine existing data and images from worksites to gather even more data and increase safety onsite. Newmetrix built their technology to seamlessly integrate with Autodesk BIM 360 software, which enables them to gather data direct from the source.

Construction Safety: Finding New Ways to Work Together

Newmetrix partnered with Suffolk Construction to test the ability of AI to predict construction safety incidents on specific sites. The driving force behind this initiative was Suffolk’s “Safer Together” program, a partnership between Suffolk and contractors with the aim of promoting jobsite safety in an industry that is notorious for accidents and injuries. They focus on collaborating with subcontractors and emphasize positive safety discussions rather than negative call-outs. Their ethos is simple: “Everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.”

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