Put machine learning to work for you with Egnyte + Newmetrix

Egnyte, 11/2/2017


“Machine learning” (ML) is the buzzy new thing everywhere you turn, sending people across industries on a race for newer, better, and smarter systems to solve tough problems. But when no one knows what today’s hype really means for tomorrow’s workplace, the ML phenomenon may still feel like an abstract, far-off concept that’s irrelevant to how you work today.

In reality, machine learning – a new breed of software that excels at fixing its own mistakes – has already given us powerful tools that quickly integrate with existing systems. An example is one of Egnyte’s newest integration partners, Newmetrix. Newmetrix is an enterprise software platform powered by computer vision technology, the magic behind Google’s image search and the ‘Faces’ recognition feature on your iPhone. Thanks to machine learning, computers can now “see” most objects as well as – or better than – humans can.

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