Procore partners with innovators in the industry to promote safety

Procore, 5/10/2018


Procore partnered with three companies in the construction industry during this year’s Safety Week, each with a product that emphasizes safe practices on the jobsite. When you become Procore Safety Qualified (PSQ), you will receive a package that contains your PSQ certification as well as information about each of these safety partners.

How is tech promoting safety on the jobsite?

At Procore we believe that it is not the construction industry that’s been slow to adopt technology, but the technology industry that has been slow to adapt to the needs of construction professionals. It is not until recently that this robust industry has begun to receive the attention it deserves. For decades, there has been a gap in the market between the size of the construction industry and the number of companies catering to its needs. Procore is pursuing solutions for the professionals who build the world, focusing on safety through our Quality & Safety product line with the goal of reducing risk in the field. And there are a few other companies we’ve found that are joining us in this pursuit.

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