Organizing Video-Heavy Construction Projects With Artificial Intelligence

ZBRELLA, 8/23/2017

zbrella technology consutlingUsing Tech to Monitor the Progress of a Jobsite & Video-Heavy Construction Projects with AI

The amount of photos and video taken of just a single construction project is astounding. And while the content is generated for data-driven results and feedback, it has plagued the industry with video-heavy projects that lack form and structure. The ability to store, label, and share media content is an advantage the industry has yet to benefit from. Yet it remains integral to checking the status of project milestones, a building’s health report, identifying safety issues, and generally ensuring the project runs according to plan.

To remedy the longstanding dilemma of video-heavy construction projects, CEO and founder of Newmetrix, Josh Kanner, turned to technology. More specifically, Kanner turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to manage the plethora of data generated by construction projects.

Kanner’s vision for a smart construction field depends upon technology taking the place of people who typically are hired to spend hours combing through video and photos. Instead, Kanner’s implementation of AI analyzes media content via PC that uses synthetic vision and deep learning to pick out all the important bits of data about a construction project.

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