NVIDIA’s Inaugural Inception Awards Highlight Importance Of Deep Learning

Techgage, 5/12/2017

TechgageDuring the 2017 North American iteration of its GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA held its first-ever Inception awards to reward six promising start-ups that utilize deep learning and artificial intelligence in their products and technologies. Culled from a list of hundreds of start-ups, these fortunate six inspire with their passion and ambition, and highlight the fact that deep learning and AI are becoming a major part of our future – a point that can’t be overstated.

Deep learning can impact everything from health care to finance, and with components like the GPU becoming ever faster, the time it takes to train AI and infer answers has been seeing a decrease year-after-year, and with the announcement of NVIDIA’s Tesla V100, the performance ceiling continues to grow.

Health care in particular is arguably the most important beneficiary of deep learning, as it will impact us all – our families, friends; everyone. It can detect and prevent a heart attack, find traces of a disease sooner, and ultimately, help increase our lifespan.

Three of the six prizes given out at NVIDIA’s inaugural Inception awards have gone to improve health care, and another to prevent loss of life on construction sites.

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