nVidia Selects 5 Most-Disruptive AI Startups

VentureBeat, 4/23/2017


Nvidia is on a quest to find the most disruptive artificial intelligence startups. This quest is part of a larger contest, dubbed Nvidia Inception, which is screening more than 600 entrants to cull the best AI startups in three big categories.

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, hosted a Shark Tank-style event this week as part of the search to find the best AI startups. Huang and a panel of judges listened to pitches from 14 AI startups across three categories. These were filtered from the more than 600 contestants who entered the Nvidia Inception contest. The winners will walk away with $1.5 million in cash at a dinner on May 10 at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference.

Newmetrix just can’t get enough of disrupting the construction industry.

Their latest effort, Newmetrix, got under way in March 2015. The idea is to make construction safer by using AI on jobs that safety experts can’t physically get to in a day, said Josh Kanner, CEO of Newmetrix.

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