Newmetrix unveils customer feedback at STEX

Newmetrix releases feedback from five customers on the benefits of its industrial media management, collaboration and analytics platform.

BOSTON, April 21, 2016 – Newmetrix today announced initial customer feedback and momentum on its industrial media management platform, a breakthrough technology that helps manage, collaborate and analyze industrial video and photos. Newmetrix will present early results of its private beta and coming out of stealth mode at the MIT Startup Exchange (STEX). The Newmetrix platform combines the automation of machine learning with the scalability and agility of the cloud, liberating overburdened enterprises and IT from managing massive amounts of content from mobile devices, wearables and drones (UAVs) and unlocking significant time savings for field personnel.

Today, documenting field activity is a time consuming and error-prone process, capturing thousands of digital images and then categorizing them into relevant locations, project statuses, systems and other criteria. Advances in machine learning are making field documentation far easier.    

“As our organization continually innovates, we are always looking for new, better ways to securely manage photo and video content,” said Corren Collura, chief information officer, Suffolk Construction. “Newmetrix’s cloud approach and enterprise data model fits nicely within our IT strategy and removes the challenge of managing all of the media internally while providing a better experience for our internal and external clients.”

The Newmetrix engine recognizes key terms and automatically tags them back to critical criteria, making capture and later retrieval more organized and faster than ever before. For Suffolk Construction, Newmetrix’s machine learning (ML)-assisted photo and video management technology cut the time to gather progress field documentation by over 60% and reduced time to find key imagery by over 80%.

“We’ve been tracking the ever-increasing amounts of photo and video content generated from our mobile devices, drone flights, and our work with wearables. We've wondered how we can not only manage it, but turn it from being a problem into an opportunity for better collaboration and communication,” said Todd Wynne, construction technology manager, Rogers-O’Brien Construction. “Not only does Newmetrix solve our content management problems, it elevates the power of the content with new video-based collaboration and automated tagging.”

IT leaders and executives often cite video and photo management as one of their biggest challenges. Beyond the expense, time and difficulty of categorizing and managing the content, businesses need to quickly respond and share video and photos with internal and external clients. The Newmetrix platform dramatically simplifies that challenge with the ability to Organize media by project with access control for specific internal and external clients, images and videos so that they can be easily searched and found as needed, collaborate with clients and other users on a project with a professional branded look and feel, and export images and video for use in other systems.

“As a custom homebuilder with projects all over Canada and the US, Newmetrix solves two critical challenges for us. First off, communication to the client is critical. We’re now able to record photos and short videos we can share with the owner in a branded secure portal. They love it,” said Charles Bovet, VP west coast operations, BONE Structure. “Second, as we’re growing I want to be able to stay on top of progress plus the implementation of our standard practices. Newmetrix helps us share best practices in short video across the firm and also aggregate progress updates across all of our projects. It’s great!”

DroneView Technologies is a leading drone services company that works with enterprise customers throughout the United States - collecting, processing and extracting real value out of aerial drone derived data.

“We have enjoyed working closely with Newmetrix since the company's inception and view them as one of our core technology partners,” said Michael Singer, CEO, DroneView Technologies. “Newmetrix has helped us solve some of our image and video management challenges and the Newmetrix platform provides for significantly enhanced workflow and collaboration capabilities for our enterprise clients.”

Newmetrix’s technology allows customers to capture photos and videos from all field personnel and manage them in a project-based, secure, and private way. Now companies can leverage field imagery to track progress, record milestones, capture best practices, conduct inspections and much more.

“We are thrilled to be marching forward with the development of our platform with our Beta customers,” said Josh Kanner, CEO and founder of Newmetrix. “By focusing on the needs of industrial media management, our customers are getting the most from these new field data devices - saving time and money, reducing risk and relieving IT burden.”


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