Newmetrix’s Pre-Built Integration With StructionSite VideoWalk Makes It Simple to Analyze 360 Degree Site Images To Sharply Reduce Safety Risk

Construction Companies Can Make the Images they are Already Collecting Even More Valuable to Reduce Recordable Incident Rates and Negotiate Better Insurance Rates

Cambridge, Mass. — Sept 13, 2021 — Newmetrix, a construction technology company that uses AI and advanced analytics to sharply reduce safety risk, has made its StructionSite integration even more powerful with the addition of support for StructionSite’s VideoWalk feature. 

StructionSite VideoWalk enables field users to gather 360 video imagery by simply walking the jobsite with a recommended 360 camera. During the walk, imagery is collected and automatically mapped to project plans by the location and date captured. This method of capturing site documentation is easy and efficient, and reduces the time required to gather images as opposed to taking still photos.  

With Newmetrix, StructionSite customers get more value out of the video and image data they are already collecting. Newmetrix’s platform automatically pulls image and video data from StructionSite across all of a company’s projects. The platform’s AI, Vinnie, then analyzes the images to identify more than 100 safety risks, such as work at height, housekeeping, improper ergonomics and many more. 

Using predictive analytics, Vinnie combines the image data with other project data to determine the level of safety risk for each project and predicts which 20% of projects will be responsible for 80% of the risk. As a result, construction companies can target their safety resources to those projects where they will have the most impact. 

“Newmetrix has been analyzing StructionSite images from our projects for 18 months,” said Takashi Tsuchiya, Deputy Section Manager at Obayashi Construction. “So far the Safety AI has generated over 1.2M tags that our safety and project teams can use as opportunities for conversation. As a specific example, over 9,500 examples of housekeeping and 4,500 examples of standing water were identified by the Safety AI. This increases the number of relevant conversations we can have about safety and helps prioritize the teams’ actions.  The integration boosts the number of images to generate more tags.”  

Connecting StructionSite and Newmetrix is simple. The pre-built integration requires just a few mouse clicks for Newmetrix to begin analyzing site images. And with support for VideoWalk — a StructionSite capability that captures 360 degree video of the entire jobsite with a simple walkthrough —  Newmetrix can analyze even more StructionSite data to further improve the accuracy of risk predictions.

“StructionSite is an Intelligent Project Tracking platform that makes it easy to capture 360 degree images of the entire jobsite,” said  Matt Daly, CEO at StructionSite. “In a very real way, Newmetrix transforms the cameras used by our customers into safety observers, producing observations that significantly reduce safety risk, and with the pre-built integration, it’s so easy to set up.”

By integrating Newmetrix and StructionSite, construction companies can: 

  • Use the visual documentation that’s already being collected  to create opportunities for safety engagement and to predict safety risks;
  • Prevent safety issues before they arise;
  • Protect profitability with lower recordable incident rates and fewer claims; and
  • Use a predictive-based safety program to negotiate a better insurance rate.

“Newmetrix can use not just StructionSite images, but all kinds of data that construction companies already have or can easily access — project data, staffing information, even the weather — to produce highly accurate predictions of risk,” said Josh Kanner, CEO of Newmetrix. “Armed with Newmetrix’s predictive insights, construction companies can take action to prevent incidents before they occur.”

About Newmetrix

Newmetrix reduces project risk in the areas of safety, productivity and quality with its easy-to-use and industry-tuned artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Vinnie. With Newmetrix, construction customers have been able to cut their recordable incident rates in half and use the platform’s data to demonstrate lower risk to secure lower insurance premiums.


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