Newmetrix Raises $7M Series A to Make Construction Sites Safer

built in boston, 7/14/2017

built in boston

With potential hazards ranging from trench collapses to electric shocks, it’s no surprise that construction sites see a higher fatal injury rate than most industries.

While some accidents can’t be prevented, companies like Newmetrix are trying to use technology to make construction sites as safe and smart as possible.

And thanks to a fresh $7 million in funding, the startup will continue to improve its photo and video management software, which is used to help management of construction sites and other industrial settings.

The round, which was announced by BostInno this week, was led by Autodesk, with participation from new investors Borealis Ventures and Castor Ventures, as well as existing investors Converge, Launchpad Venture Group and Stage 1 Ventures.

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