Newmetrix Joins Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab

Oracle Construction and Engineering Blog, 4/24/2019

Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab

Construction is one of the most documented industries. Traditionally, much of that documentation goes to waste: jobsite photos are leveraged for a single purpose, then left to collect digital dust. Although this is a standard practice, it’s long overdue for a change.

Today, Newmetrix is joining the Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab to help accelerate this change. Oracle Construction and Engineering customers can now detect and reduce project risk using Newmetrix's artificial intelligence (AI) platform through an integration with Oracle Aconex.

Based outside Chicago, the Innovation Lab is a unique facility that provides a simulated worksite environment with integrated technologies to help accelerate digital transformation by project- and asset-intensive organizations.

Jobsite photos tell a story

Construction sites can generate more than 50 gigabytes of photos per project. Smartphone, on-site, 360-degree, and drone cameras make it easy to report progress and help safety managers check boxes. However, there’s more to the story on every jobsite.

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