Newmetrix (formerly exhibiting at the Advancing Construction Safety Leadership Conference

Advancing Construction Safety Leadership Conference, February 18-20, 2019, Dallas, TX

Advancing Construction Safety Leadership

Newmetrix will be exhibiting at the Advancing Construction Safety Leadership Conference hosted by Hanson Wade.  Join us on February 18-20th in Dallas, TX to see how you can use the data you already have in construction management systems like Procore and Autodesk BIM 360, plus site camera data from OxBlue cameras to reduce jobsite safety risk and even start predicting safety incidents.

Advancing Construction Safety Leadership is designed specifically for senior safety decision makers who are focused on firm-wide strategy, culture, and process. You’ll learn how safety VPs and Directors are complying with corporate responsibilities, managing their department, and deploying industry best practices to promote safety for all staff on every job.

This is your chance to answer business-critical questions for construction safety leaders - including how to create a workforce-led safety culture, master technological innovations, and how to ensure your business is cost effective while safe and compliant.

Whether you’re an industry trailblazer in leading your company to safety success, or looking to develop your corporate strategy and not sure where to invest – this is your forum to find a solution to your most pressing challenges.

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