Newmetrix debuts in Procore App Marketplace

Spot safety issues, presence of equipment onsite, and share marketing imagery via automatic tagging and search

Cambridge, MA – October 12, 2016 –Today, Newmetrix, a cloud-based platform for managing, collaborating and analyzing photos and videos from industrial environments, revealed its integration with Procore, the leader in cloud-based construction management software.

Now available in the Procore App Marketplace, the new integration enables Procore users to connect Newmetrix projects to Procore projects to leverage Newmetrix’s powerful photo and video management capabilities, including the automatic “SmartTagging™” of photo and video content. SmartTagging is accomplished by automatic image and voice recognition, similar to how Facebook identifies faces in photos or how Google finds images online. Driven by machine learning, Newmetrix’s SmartTagging engine analyzes all images and videos in each project and matches them to a set of construction specific “Tags”. For example, personnel can be detected in images by searching on “people” or “hard hat” to screen for potential safety issues in your photos. 

The Procore integration, which is available on the App Marketplace, has been designed to be extremely simple to configure. Any Procore user with photo administrative permissions at the project level can start a free trial in Newmetrix and connect to a Procore project in less than 90 seconds. Once connected, Newmetrix tagged photos and video snapshots flow automatically into linked projects in Procore and are searchable by the machine-generated SmartTags.

Newmetrix customers are seeing significant time savings for field personnel who are required to gather massive volumes of photo documentation for progress tracking, milestone documentation, daily reports and more. With Newmetrix field users can simply use their voice to annotate field imagery and have the SmartTagging engine automatically detect key words like locations (e.g., main lobby), scope of work (e.g., drywall) and status (e.g., not complete). Suffolk Construction saved over two months of time by moving from a manual photo-based process to Newmetrix's voice enabled process.

Customers are excited about the integration. “We are generating more photo and video content than ever from our projects,” said Corren Collura, VP & CIO at Suffolk Construction. “Being able to leverage the field time savings and search power from Newmetrix integrated with Procore opens up new ways for us to improve efficiency and reduce risk on our projects.”

“As early Beta users of the Newmetrix product, we are excited for the combination of Newmetrix and Procore.  By combining Newmetrix’s automatic image and voice recognition with Procore’s photo albums we’ll save time for field personnel and manage risk by being able to find critical documentation a lot easier down the road,” said Taylor Cupp, Project Solutions Technologist, Mortenson

Josh Kanner, Newmetrix’s Founder & CEO, highlighted the benefits of the partnership. “Managing photos and videos is a huge challenge in construction and capital projects, and it’s only getting worse. Google, Apple and other consumer products are helping people sort and manage their photos in their private lives. We’ve built the Newmetrix product to bring that same power of machine learning to help streamline the collection, organization and analysis of industrial content so that field personnel save time, critical documentation is never lost and powerful new insights can be created all from videos and photos.”

Kanner continued, “Our partnership with Procore has been driven by our customer needs to marry our advanced photo and video management capabilities with Procore’s construction workflows. The open nature of the Procore API and deep commitment to partnerships from the entire organization at Procore has elevated our partnership from a desire to meet customer requests to a much more strategic initiative for our company. Both companies want all users in Procore to be able to take advantage of better photo and video analytics. The Procore App Marketplace and the ease of integration make that possible.“

“We are always looking to drive more value to our existing customer base by partnering with the best the industry has to offer, enabling new features and functionality in a seamless manner that make the lives of construction professionals easier,” said Paul Lyandres, VP of Strategy and Business Development, Procore. “We’re excited to be partnering with Newmetrix to launch its new integration on the App Marketplace that will bring voice and image recognition to our photo albums and provide proven value to the 1.4 million Procore users.”


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