Newmetrix platform and app uses AI to improve construction safety

For Construction Pros, 6/18/2019

For Construction Pros

Capture, track and inspect the construction site with the Newmetrix mobile app, a companion to the Newmetrix platform. The app and its artificial intelligence engine “Vinnie” is designed to help improve construction safety.

Newmetrix captures narrated photos and videos to document field observations. It leverages its AI engine to gauge risks and detect hazards. It also lets contractors conduct inspections of the jobsite at anytime.

Newmetrix is like a “virtual safety inspector.” The monitoring solutions plug into photos, videos and project data to automatically detect safety hazards.

The SmartTag engine analyzes audio and imagery to automatically apply project specific tags for searching, organizing and collaborating on content.

A few large construction contractors have already put Newmetrix to use on their jobsites. Suffolk used Newmetrix’s safety analytics to help show overall safety compliance through observing personal protection equipment use.

“Over the past couple years, it has become super easy to capture photos and videos on jobsites; now with Newmetrix and Procore working together, we’re able to easily organize all this visual data and – better yet – use AI to find insights related to quality and safety on our jobsites,” said Ajoy Bhattacharya, senior director of innovation at Suffolk.

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