Their goal: Making you feel safe again

The Boston Globe, 6/2/2020

The Boston Globe

What will it take to feel safe from the coronavirus at a bustling workplace like a construction site? Or in a music venue or theme park?

Boston-area companies are rolling out new products this month aimed at monitoring things such as mask wearing and elevated body temperature as a way to supply that feeling of security. But at the moment, the goal is increasing your confidence that you’re not mingling with a mob of unmasked, undiagnosed COVID-19 sufferers, as opposed to offering assurance that you’re at zero risk of catching the disease.

In ordinary times, Cambridge-based Newmetrix (formerly sells software to construction companies that’s designed to enhance safety on building projects. The software uses video and photos from onsite cameras, coupled with automated image analysis, to spot potential risks like standing water, workers without hard hats, or trenches that lack proper safety barriers. But now that construction sites in most states must ensure that workers also are wearing masks and maintaining at least six feet of distance, when possible, Newmetrix has updated its software to spot those issues, as well.

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