Machine Learning Meets Jobsite Photos

The Jobsite, 10/10/2016
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Photo and video documentation is exploding in construction with ever-increasing amounts being created from mobile devices, drones, and new devices on the jobsite.
Except for specific workflows (images attached to reports, issues, or plans), many photos and videos wind up on shared drives or on the hard drives of field personnel. Every project manager has a shoebox or drawer full of USBs and hard drives with their old data stored on them.  Your IT team may have gigabytes or terabytes of storage taken up by old photo and video data.  

Once you get your hands on the files, you just run into the next set of problems. Finding critical project photos and video documentation is a major challenge as file names are not readable or helpful for searching, and renaming every file takes too much time. But the content within each is critical to the project. It’s vital for resolving conflicts with trades, showing progress to the owner, establishing best practices, defending against claims, and much more. 

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