Leveraging Technology: Considering what's "Possible" for the Jobsite

MassConstruction.org, 6/13/2018

 Mass Construction

In 2009 at Autodesk University the Keynote speaker (then CEO Carl Bass) gave a presentation regarding the evolution of technology. He described what he called the technology spectrum in which technology flows from an impossible state to a required state.

The analogy he gave was Leonardo Di Vinci’s inception and design of a flying machine for man back in the 1400s. At the time that invention was far left of the spectrum, considered an "impossible" technology. Fast forward to today, we have made our way clear to the right side of the spectrum because it is now a "required" technology.

Bass’s key point was that we should start adopting new technology somewhere in the middle of the spectrum when it is considered to be in a "possible" state. The "possible" state is where cutting edge technology lives, and leveraging the technology there is what can differentiate your organization from the rest. This is because, according to Bass, 85% of the world lives in the mindset of "required" technology while only a fraction of the world is truly being innovative in terms of seeing the use and benefit of certain tools and application as they emerge into that cutting edge, "possible" state.

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