Is Procore’s Construction OS the Solution for Construction?

Kris Lengieza, 4/9/2017

Kris Lengieza

If you hadn’t already heard, a little over a week ago at Procore Groundbreak 17 Procore announced their Big News.  In their opening keynote Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO, and Brandon Terry, VP of Product discussed the release of what they are calling Construction OS, their new product lines as well as Procore Sync.  For this post I will be focusing on Construction OS, I am currently testing Procore Sync and will be doing a write up later this week.

What is Construction OS?

Procore’s Construction OS is billed as “the only cohesive platform built to connect every application, person, and device you need to run the entire lifecycle of your business” on Procore HQ blog announcement.

There is no doubt that the construction industry has been in need of a system like this for the last 5 years.  During his keynote Tooey talked about the friction that exists in our industry and how Procore believes they can help create a more frictionless environment for bi-directional data flow (think: apps talking back and forth), that standardizes processes, increases security, and gets everyone on the same page.  If you read my post on the Procore HQ An Open Letter to The Construction Industry Regarding App Fatigue you know that I am a strong believer that something like this needed to happen and that users needed to be heard about the integrations they wanted.  Is this the answer?

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