Improving Jobsite Safety with Machine Learning

The USGlass News Network™ , 1/25/2018

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Safety is a major priority on jobsites, but many hazards can go unnoticed. Machine learning can enhance safety monitoring through pictures, videos and audio recordings taken on the site.

Newmetrix, a software company based in Cambridge, Mass., hosted a webinar on how machine learning on jobsites can reduce risk and improve safety.

“A ton of videos and photos are captured on projects every day. There are 50 gigabytes of data for a typical project. Most of it ends up unused, or scattered across different systems and devices,” says Josh Kanner, founder and CEO of Newmetrix. “Our software lets field teams use our mobile app, or integrate with other systems like BIM 360, so that the information is aggregated in one place.”

The software uses speech and image recognition to apply smart tags to potential hazards and compliance issues.

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