How Newmetrix Uses AI and Machine Learning to Reduce Risk on Construction Projects

Connect & Construct, 7/20/2018

Connect and Construct

Safety and risk mitigation are two of the main problems that keep contractors up at night. From project delays and liability issues to injuries and even fatalities on the jobsite, the consequences of safety lapses can be severe. According to data from OSHA, 20% of all workplace deaths are in the construction industry, and jobsite deaths have increased every year since 2007.

Yet, as jobsite safety is more important than ever, safety teams across the industry are spread too thin. When it comes to surveying the site, wouldn’t it be nice to have an ‘extra pair of eyes that doesn’t sleep?’ That’s how Jason Timmerman, Safety Director at Skanska, describes the power of AI and Machine Learning software, Newmetrix.

How AI and Machine Learning Improve Jobsite Safety

Newmetrix uses artificial intelligence to process and review all jobsite photos and provide detailed reports to the end user. First, it aggregates all photos and videos from field worker’s phones through integrations with BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Field. Then, it automatically tags files, allowing them to be reviewed and searched for easily by the project team to examine safety risks.

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