How Computer Vision Can Tame Construction’s Photo Management Problem

The Jobsite - powered by Procore, 02/27/2017
Jobsite powered by Procore

When you use Google to search for an image, you may not realize the categorization behind it is made possible by techniques called machine learning and computer vision (CV). These technologies enable the computer to “see” what’s within an image and then analyze and quantify the information they find. 

What is the potential application of CV in the AEC industry? 

Every week, millions of pictures and videos are captured on projects worldwide, with many of them critical to tracking progress, resolving claims, identifying quality issues, etc. Take the example of safety, which is priority #1 in construction, with the OSHA reporting approximately 1 in 10 workers injured on the jobsite each year. Dedicated safety experts can’t visit every site. But what if there was a way for these computer vision engines to review images for evidence of elevated levels of risk?  

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