The future of AI & machine learning according to Suffolk data pioneer

Oracle Construction & Engineering Blog, 9/23/19


Jit Kee Chin discusses why emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence will play a key role at construction sites, including Suffolk's collaboration with Newmetrix, a construction-specific AI company.

How can organizations foster a culture of innovation?

Different types of organizations foster innovation differently. At Suffolk, our people are generally entrepreneurial, so the challenge is primarily how to channel this innovative mindset and energy.

Disciplined Process

We follow a disciplined innovation process at Suffolk. We collect and monitor ideas in a classic pipeline model and use a stage gate process to review ideas, pilot solutions, and finally, determine whether we should scale enterprise-wide.

We listen closely to the field, understanding their needs and pain points, and innovate around that input. Business sponsorship is also important; we always require business sponsors. Finally, we measure the value returned, whether that’s through efficiencies, cost savings, better experiences, etc.

Organizational Culture Shift

Changing employee hearts and minds in any organization can oftentimes require a cultural shift. Organizations must help change their culture and show people that innovation is something to be valued.

Leaders can reinforce this through role modeling, messaging, informational events, employee recognition, etc. This cultural shift must accompany a formal program for people to buy-in.

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