Drones in Construction: Organizing Field Data and Enabling Machine Learning

Commercial UAV News, 10/11/2016
Commercial UAV NewsThe advantages that drones create for professionals in a construction environment are details that we’ve discussed before, as those capabilities are creating countless opportunities in terms of making a positive impact on the bottom line and keeping everyone safer. When utilized in the right way, UAVs lead to approaches that are both safer and faster, while still gathering the same or even more detailed information when compared to traditional methodologies.

It’s the logistics of the process around drone implementation that can cause troubles for professionals, many of which are related to the information that is being captured by drones and other devices. Drowning in data is a serious issue, as there are questions around how, when and where this information can be leveraged on a current project in addition to how it can be archived and stored for future purposes.

It’s a crucial issue to explain and explore, because new techniques are providing additional opportunities that will allow professionals to further leverage this information. Some of those are related to automation and machine learning, as users can tag and then search photos, videos and other assets as they’re captured in the field. How will this elevate the power and value of visual data?

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