Do your construction progress photos best represent your brand?

Kris Lengieza, 6/15/2017

Kris Lengieza blogIn the age of digital media we are always looking for good content to share whether it be on our websites, in proposals or on social media. How do we make sure that we are representing our company and personal brands when posting photos of our jobsites? I believe that I have found a great workflow to control the messaging and branding of the photos that put out into the interwebs, its called Newmetrix.  Many of you probably know Josh Kanner (@jkanner1) and his team and how they have been working to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  (AI/ML) into the world of construction photos, but did you know they are building a pretty awesome marketing tool at the same time?

Why Newmetrix

Stiles (@stilesbuild) has been using Newmetrix in a number of ways over the past year trying to find a sweet spot to maximize the ROI.  As we all know collection photos and videos from the many devices of our field staff has always been a challenge and making sense of them is even harder.  This is where Newmetrix really steps in.  With Newmetrix integration into Procore (@Procoretech) now you can consolidate pictures across projects and users.  This is extremely powerful as it all happens in the background.  Once the photos are in Newmetrix you can start to use the powerful AI/ML tools that they make available to the construction industry.  Search for images that have a picture of a crane, tag a video every time a super says the word safety, categorize photos of best practices, and share those photos and videos with others, these are all great examples of what Newmetrix can do for you.

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