Business case for digital construction: Adjusting to the new normal

Forbes, 2/25/2021


“There is no getting 'back to normal,' experts say. The sooner we accept that, the better,” read a September headline from CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh. Another from USA Today’s Joel Shannon echoed the above sentiment with the title, “When will things go back to normal? Experts say that's the wrong question amid COVID-19.” Additional articles address the same idea. A line has been crossed, and we will not be going back.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a fundamental shift in the way the world conducts business. The forced digital transformation caused a foundational adjustment in every industry. For laggards like construction, this process was a painful one. Many small to mid-size firms were unprepared for such a dramatic change. However, complying was compulsory, and as the world continues to conduct business digitally, a future of digital construction is inevitable.

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