COVID-19 safety trends seen in video and image data

ENR, 12/16/2020


When the COVID-19 pandemic first spread across the U.S. earlier this year, construction sites saw a raft of new safety procedures to ensure essential work could continue without casually spreading the virus. Construction’s safety culture adapted to include mandatory face masks, social distancing and more glove wearing for workers on site.

Safety personnel try to enforce these rules, but measuring compliance can be tricky. That’s when AI-based image analysis firm Newmetrix (formerly turned its system to more than just traditional analysis. Its AI tool can spot gloves and masks, and it defines social distancing as 6 ft between workers or groups of less than 10. Able to scan through thousands of videos and images of the site to categorize exactly what is going on, Newmetrix's AI soon was able to see trends among over 40,000 construction workers nationally.

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