Bringing innovation to construction sites during the COVID-19 pandemic

Oracle Construction and Engineering Blog, 4/28/2020


Since late 2019, our Oracle Industries Innovation Lab, a simulated worksite for testing and exploring cutting-edge technologies, has also been an actual construction worksite, full of equipment, materials, and teams working to deliver a planned expansion of the facility.

Then, several weeks ago, the landscape shifted dramatically for our and many construction projects, as owners and contractors worked to come to grips with the impact of the growing COVID-19 health crisis.  

Since then, our project teams have explored new processes and practices intended to safeguard the health of workers and the general public, while also keeping the project moving forward with as little disruption as possible. In confronting that challenge, we recognized that we had a unique advantage in the Innovation Lab itself. The facility, based outside Chicago, hosts several technologies whose unique capabilities could be brought to bear on the new set of problems the pandemic presents.

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