Autodesk opens up machine learning advisory tool to BIM 360 user base

ENR, 2/26/2019


While it has made great strides in getting contractors and other members of project teams to load information into its BIM 360 program, Autodesk has acknowledged that its sometimes hard to get actionable information out of these systems. Dense documentation can provide some insights when pored over at a later date, but knowing what problems need addressing at the morning meeting based on yesterday’s open issues list can be a daunting task.

“The construction industry is already able to amass a massive amount of data,” says Patricia Keaney, director of Autodesk’s BIM 360 enterprise products. “There is so much data now people haven’t been able to fully consume or utilize it.”

Autodesk is building a machine-learning tool, now called Construction IQ, to tackle this information overload, and have been testing it out with a few pilot customers over the last two years. The algorithm can comb through millions of data points in a BIM 360 project environment to unearth important trends and highlight unnoticed problems. “We can help customer find the signal in all that noise and surface what they should be focusing on for that data,” says Keaney.

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