Artificial Intelligence Advances to Improve Construction

ENR, 9/5/2017

enr.pngGraphics Processing Units are playing a key role in attacking some of society’s toughest problems, like diagnosing and treating diseases, and powering simulations for breakthroughs in scientific discoveries. Sophisticated GPUs deliver the horsepower behind deep learning, a system for artificial intelligence programming modeled after the human brain.

With deep learning, computers learn from experience — the same way people do. In the past two years, deep learning has contributed to more progress in healthcare, agriculture, automobiles, and cyber security than earlier technologies had in the previous decade.

As deep learning solutions have come into reality, the number of problems we now can imagine solving with the use of artificial intelligence has exploded. The AI revolution is here, and even experts don’t know what that means beyond this: almost all industries, including construction, will be affected, the question is... how?

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