AI improving safety, mitigating jobsite risks

AXA XL, 5/22/2020


Construction projects range widely in size, but they all have a major common problem: managing an increasing amount of data from jobsites and deriving insights to predict the future.

The amount of digital information on construction sites around the world is increasing. The challenge is, how can risk professionals and insurers use that data to improve safety, reduce risks and enhance productivity at the project, company and industry level?

Enter artificial intelligence and related technologies to identify and analyze indicators of risk. Newmetrix (formerly is a technology collaborator in AXA XL’s digital ecosystem for construction risk management. The ecosystem is an interconnected set of services and products that lets AXA XL and our customers become partners and gain insights about their risks together. Newmetrix enables construction companies and AXA XL risk engineers to focus on safety and loss control improvement through predictive analytics.

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