AECOM Elevates Project Management with AI Capture Initiative

AECOM, October 2018


Decisions in construction are historically based on subjective experiences instead of hard data. However, as the industry increasingly adapts to new technologies that drive productivity, boost safety, identify and address problems, automate low-level tasks and compile fact-based best practices this precedent is beginning to shift. But, only when this information is turned into actionable insights. Managing the data AEC professionals generate over the course of a construction project is a monumental task – a task that is becoming increasingly insurmountable as drones, robots, smart tags and intelligent devices communicating via the Internet of Things (IoT) add to the deluge.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are essential to extracting actionable information from this swelling ocean of data. AECOM is developing an AI-powered web-and-mobile platform, called Capture, that brings 100-percent accuracy to conventionally cumbersome, time consuming and subjective project management processes. Along with the technology platform, Capture includes a systematic process to capture and analyze construction progress over the entire course of the project.

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