AI comes to the rescue of video-overloaded construction projects, 7/13/2017

Engineering.comA big construction project is like a celebrity. It gets a lot of attention. Everyone takes pictures and videos. For stakeholders, it would be nice if all those images could be stored in one place, and be labeled and shared. It would be even nicer if someone could study the collected images and videos and be able to monitor their progress; check on key milestones; spot potential problems, including safety issues; and so on.

This may be the initial plan at many construction sites, but the sheer amount of video or pictures taken on a big construction project can quickly get out of hand. So, Josh Kanner, CEO and founder of Newmetrix, has come up with what he thinks is the best idea of all. Instead of depending on people to pore over all the imagery, why not have the images analyzed by computer? Newmetrix has developed a “smart photo and video management platform” that uses synthetic vision and deep learning to tell you important things about your project. For example:

  • Safety related: Are people on the job site wearing hard hats or safety glasses?
  • Management: You can monitor quality and track projects. 

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