Lithko Contracting

Lithko strengthens its culture of safety conversations

Lithko Contracting, LLC is one of the country’s largest concrete contractors, ranking #2 on ENR’s Top Concrete Contractor list for the past four years.  The company has long had a strong safety culture that emphasizes having conversations about safety, not simply ticking off boxes. Lithko recognized, however, that as beneficial as the conversations were, they needed a better process for making, reporting and analyzing safety observations. 

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Lithko results

Find out how Lithko:

  • Moved to a photo-based mobile observation program.
  • Saved an average of 35 minutes per report and with over 2,565 reports, that's a total savings of just over 187 days.
  • Expanded the "eyes on site" from 15 to 66 observers which resulted in 31,000 images and more safety conversations than ever before.
  • Reduced their recordable incident rate by 22% in just one year.
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