Using Data From the Field to Measure the Impact of AI

John Jacobs, JE Dunn

How JE Dunn increased safety engagement and started predicting incident risk


JE Dunn, a top 25 ENR contractor, set out to prove the power of AI to forecast risk and create engagement in the field. Instead of studying AI in the abstract, the JE Dunn team put it to use and gathered direct feedback from project teams over the course of a 9-month pilot. Using internal survey data and statistical results they demonstrated they can identify and forecast risk with new metrics created by AI.

The end result was an enterprise deployment of Newmetrix’s safety monitoring and predictive analytics. The initiative has yielded the potential to predict 75% of incidents, increase the number of conversations about safety, and prevent incidents saving hundreds of thousands in incident costs alone.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from John Jacobs, Chief Information Officer and SVP at JE Dunn on how they deployed a combination of techniques to give insight into ongoing safety risk across multiple projects and then measured the results directly in terms of end-user adoption, new field conversations and potential for avoided incidents.


  • What tools you can use to measure the impact of AI in reducing safety risk
  • How JE Dunn created 350 new conversations about safety in the first 30 weeks
  • Why project teams found Newmetrix insights helpful to initiate new safety discussions & recommendations
  • John Jacobs, Chief Information Officer, JE Dunn
  • Josh Kanner, Founder & CEO, Newmetrix

Watch the webinar